Dancing In The Dark

The Old GlobeDancing In The Dark at The Old Globe

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“Page leaves no piece of scenery unchewed as Jeffrey, and makes the most of a pleasant surprise. At first, Jeffrey seems like a self-absorbed thespian who’s only dimly aware of teh concept called Other People. But he turns out to be surprisingly generous, and Page brings out that unexpected charm in the second act.”

– Paul Hodgins, The Orange County Register

“As impressive as this cast is, though, Page threatens to run away with the show as the fearlessly self-beatifying Jeffrey. He gets many of the best lines, and seems to revel in playing off his own glittering Shakespearean resumé (though he also was the Grinch in the Globe-sprung Broadway show). This might be a career-maker if Page wasn’t so established already.”

– James Hebert, The San Diego Union-Tribune

“And Patrick Page, as the big-headed Jeffrey, is marvelous with his vainglorious husky-amber speaking voice (think ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’s’ James Lipton without the tonge planted firmly in cheek) and his easy, polished musical chops.”

– Pam Kragen, North County Times