Shakespeare Theatre CompanyOthello at the Shakespeare Theatre Company

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Hellen Hayes AwardWinner 2006 Hellen Hayes Award
Winner 2006 Hellen Hayes Award
Outstanding Lead Actor

“Subtle and astute! Page’s Iago is this production’s invaluable central performance and it’s keenest asset.”

– Peter Marks, The Washington Post

“A pitch-perfect performance! The evening belongs to Page’s insinuating improviser. It’s masterful.”

– Trey Graham, Washington City Paper

“Superb! Patrick Page breaks new ground. He conjures forth the icy instincts of a true psychopath.”

– T.L. Ponick, The Washington Times

“A perfect Iago! Wonderfullly complex! Page’s soliloquies provide the evenings greatest enjoyment.”

– Deryl Davis, Washington Theatre Review

photos by Carol Rosegg