Shakespeare Theatre Company Macbeth at the Shakespeare Theatre Company

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“Inspired…His Macbeth is solid, soldierly, a man born to lead who turns to jelly impressively. Gasp-inducing…his delivery of Macbeth’s final speech fully expresses the character’s nihilism.”

The Washington Post

“Revelatory…In the beginning, Patrick Page’s Macbeth is an almost modest warrior, boyishly handsome and delighted to be honored…far from portraying Macbeth as a thoroughgoing villain, he brings a naturalness to his depiction, and to his delivery of Shakespeare’s vers…he then transforms himself into a cold, cocksure killing machine.”

Baltimore Sun

“Lethal charm…a murderer with a movie star grin.”

The Washington Times

“Stunning…Patrick Page makes a splash in his Shakespeare theatre debut. His crisp, clear portrayal of Macbeth makes that character’s torturous psychic journey easy to follow.”

Fredericksburg Sun

photos by Richard Termine