Patrick Page stars in Archduke at the Mark Taper Forum in LA

But the true standout of this production is Patrick Page as Captain Dimitrijevic, who could more than likely win a Tony for this role should the production transfer to Broadway. Page commands the stage in every scene, sucking the audience in with his words just as his character does to the boys. Joseph’s writing places the character’s traits in line with that of Captain Ahab, exploring the depths of man’s anger and what he is willing to sacrifice for revenge.

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Page gives an awe-inspiring performance as the villainous captain full of hate and rancor but always leaving room for laughter.

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Firing on all flamboyant cylinders and performing with tremendous gusto, Page turns Apis into a kind of cross between Captain Ahab and Captain Hook.

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Page’s Apis is nothing if not an effective bully, playing a puffed-chest officer like a distant cousin of Charlie Chaplin’s great dictator.


Page, a veteran of the Broadway stage, is fantastic as his larger-than-life character, who comes off a bit like Captain Hook had he casually and frequently talked about disemboweling people.

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There is the prodigious comedic talent of Patrick Page as a blustery military officer,,,Page is the comedic engine of the play.

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The one you really can’t stop paying attention to, though, is Page, both seductive and ruthless, emotional and steely in his resolve to ensure that his plans are carried out by the hapless pawns in his charge.


Though broadly framed by historical events, Archduke easily transcends these particulars; it’s coruscating depiction of the manipulation of the unschooled by a predatory monomaniac is an unhappily timeless (not to mention excruciatingly relevant) phenomenon, and marks it as a play of considerable substance. Page proves electrifying as a ruthless (and misogynistic) zealot driven by crazed macho fantasies.

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A mesmerizing Patrick Page in a staggering performance.

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As Dimitrijevic, Patrick Page provides the perfect counter to the underplayed future assassin, making the colonel pound and rage and pronounce with an intensity which perfectly overwhelms the innocence of his “converts.”

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Joseph’s remarkable opening is merely an amuse-bouche for the meal that’s to come, thanks in large part to Patrick Page, who gives what seems like a future Tony-winning performance as Black Hand leader Dragutin Dimitrijević.

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The one you really can’t stop paying attention to, though, is Page, both seductive and ruthless, emotional and steely in his resolve to ensure that his plans are carried out by the hapless pawns in his charge.


The play turns even more desperate when the magnificent actor Patrick Page roars onto the stage as Captain Dragutin “Apis” Dimitrijevic dubbed “the bull.” This psychotic man’s thoughts and emotions are impaired, as he focuses on the Serbian nationalist movement. He truly believes all of the world’s ills and health issues are a curse form the Austria-Hungary empire. On stage Page reminds me of Christopher Plummer in the Sound of Music as Captain Von Trapp gone wrong.

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Patrick Page looms large as Dragutin, and is a stellar standout.

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Mellifluously-voiced Page has the showiest part, the kind that dazzles award voters, and he is simply magnificent, whether strong-arming sick young men or recalling in gruesome details what it felt like to assassinate by disembowelment.

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The experience is made all the more rich for the presence of Patrick Page as a zealous patriot and ringleader of the ragtag trio of assassins. Page has built a formidable career playing an assortment of leaders, sinners, heroes and monsters. Playing a man who is both a lunatic and in on the dark humor that accompanies a revolution, his work here is fiendish and charismatic. Archduke may be ultimately Gavrilo’s journey, but every Faust needs a Mephistopheles to spur him along. Page’s Apis is that devil and then some and he makes an already strong play that much more exciting.

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