A Man For All Seasons

A Man For All Seasons

Click to enlargePatrick Page and Frank Langella in A Man For All Seasons - photo by Sara KrulwichPatrcik Page in A Man For All Seasons - photo by Sara KrulwichPatrick Page as King Henry in A Man For All Seasons - photo by Sara Krulwich

“Patrick Page, an old Broadway hand who dazzled me a few months ago in The Pleasure of His Company at San Diego’s Old Globe Theatre, makes a formidable impression in a potent star turn as the mercurial Henry. He’s scary in just the right way — first charming, then threatening, and you never know when he’s going to switch from one to the other…Mr. Langella and Mr. Page are by far the best things about Doug Hughes’s staging”

-The Wall Street Journal

“Patrick Page’s virile, charismatic Henry proves a commanding foil for Langella”

-USA Today

“Patrick Page brings a charismatic and highly effective vitality to King Henry.”

-NY Post

“Patrick Page makes the most of his role as King Henry, bringing a brash bullheadedness to the monarch.”

-NY Daily News

“A compelling showdown scene with the King–a robust, energetic Patrick Page”


“Page is the only actor who dares tread within Langella’s personal limelight…he portrays the king with a gleaming smile that doesn’t mask his prickly nature.”

-New Jersey Star Ledger

“The most surprisingly exciting portrayal is given by Patrick Page, as a notably dashing, if highly volatile Henry VIII.”

-Curtain Up

“Page demonstrates with a sly and sexy performance why he is considered one of Broadway’s most under-appreciated actors.”

-Danbury News-Times

“Page’s Henry VIII is as charismatic as he is power-hungry.”

-Theatre News Online

“Patrick Page is a gloriously mercurial King Henry.”


“Strong work from Patrick Page as an athletic, quick-tempered Henry VIII.”


“When Patrick Page’s Henry VIII appears, the play takes off.”


“Page is absolutely amazing. He is extravagantly funny one moment and coolly terrifying the next. His presence is felt throughout the piece and his performance is a true standout…worthy of featured actor Tony attention.”


“Patrick Page renders a fresh and intriguing take on Henry VIII, giving him authority, charm and menace all at once.”

-DC Theatre Scene